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On the 12th of May we had the multiplied event. The event took place at a high school in Ploiesti, where a large number of people attended (teachers from different schools). The team members presented the Flip2Learn platform and the products of the local experimentation. The people which attended the meeting were invited to access

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TRIKALAREPORTThe meeting started with a tour of the school and the workshops. Participants in the program had the opportunity to learn and exchange point of views with teachers and students which are participating in other European projects. There were presented new experiences and ideas in the field of flipping learning and the basic methodology of

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   ERASMUS+ STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS FOR SCHOOL EDUCATIONFLIP 2 LEARN (2017-1-IT02-KA201-036948)3rd TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETING, BARCANESTI, AGENDA23rd October24th October25th October26th October27th OctoberPARTNERARRIVALSGreece= 16.40h.Slovenia= 14.55 h.Italy= 17.40 h09.00 Arrival of the guests 9.30 I.  First work session- Presentation of the meeting agenda- Presentation of the first year of partnership 11.00 Coffee break11.30Visiting the school13.00  Lunch 15.00II.Second work session- FLIP 2LEARN: Examples

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Short Term Joint Staff Training Event – Alcamo (Italy), 16th- 20th April 2018

The Short Term Joint Staff Training Event has been organised in April 2018 in Alcamo (Italy). n. 32 teachers and educators interested in flipped learning approach came from all partner countries to participate to the learning event in order to become familiar with this new methodological approach in teaching/learning high school STEM subjects. Attending this

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Second Transnational Meeting – Trikala (Greece), 31st January – 1st February 2018

From 31st of January to 1st of February 2018 the 2nd EPA.L. of Trikala hosted in Trikala (Greece) partners from Italy (EURO Association and ITET Girolamo Caruso), Romania (Liceul Tehnologic Agricol Barcanest) and Slovenia (Ljudska univerza Velenje) attending to the second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Flip2Learn”, financed by the IT National Agency INDIRE

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First Transnational Meeting – Palermo (Italy), 14th – 15th December 2017

From 14 to 15 December, EURO hosted in Palermo (Sicily) the first transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Flip2Learn”, financed by the IT National Agency INDIRE under the Key Action 2 “Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of good practices”, Action Type 205 “Strategic Partnership for School Education”. During these days, 11 people from 4 different

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