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Flip 2 Learn EToolkit

The school is changing quickly: students have cognitive rhythms and learning styles different than in the past, the tools for learning are strongly influenced by the advent of digital and new technologies for teaching require innovative methodologies based on the idea of competence cross more than on the traditional curriculum content.
The “flipped” approach to teaching has become particularly attractive because of the availability of internet resources including audio and video on virtually any subject, frequently narrated by some of the world’s outstanding authorities. And the approach seems to have singular appeal to students in this electronic age where videos in particular have found a special place in the heart of the “Awesome Generation.” In the flipped classroom model, what is normally done in class and what is normally done as homework is switched or flipped. Instead of students listening to a lecture on, say, chemistry in class and then going home to work on a set of assigned problems, they read material and view videos on chemistry before coming to class and then engage in class in active learning using case studies, labs, games, simulations, or experiments. A guiding principle of the flipped classroom is that work typically done as homework (e.g., problem solving, essay writing) is better undertaken in class with the guidance of the instructor. Listening to lecture or watching videos is better accomplished at home.

This Output is configured as a methodological and operational guide which includes a collection of operating models and tools to use in the activities of flipped learning approach in STEM disciplines.

Materials and contents have been created within the Short term joint staff Training event held in Alcamo (Italy) in April 2018 and Local experimentation activities held in Italy, Greece, Romania and Slovenia from May 2018 to february 2019.

The toolkit contains templates to support users in gathering information, analysing, designing, developing and evaluating the flipped learning method in STEM disciplines.

Since the contents created in the local experimentations are in digital format, they are fully transferable to wider audience and contexts.

A Flipped Learning Unit Project

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E-Book Training guide

Descriptive procedure for the creation of an E-Book.

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YouTube Creators Academy

Descriptive procedure for the creation of a video.

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Experimental approach of flipped learning in Italy

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Experimental approach of flipped learning in Romania

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Experimental approach of flipped learning in Greece

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Experimental approach of flipped learning in Slovenia

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Guides and tools selected by expert teachers in flipped learning.

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  • Maths

  • Graphic Editor Paint

  • Machines