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For the 2017-2019 school years, Technological and Agricultural High school of Bărcănești will implement the 2017-1-IT02-KA201-036948 FLIP 2LEARN Strategic Partnership  of Erasmus + Project, key action 2. The grant given is 19 427 euros.

The purpose of the project:  acquiring competences through practices and ground-breaking methods.

The objectives of the project are:

O1. Promoting an opening and innovative teaching-learning process suitable for the new generation of students.

O2.Experimenting flipped learning in STEM discipline.

O3. A widening of the open attitude towards professional development of the teachers, and acknowledging the way in which it can positively influence the teaching –learning process.

O4. Facilitating the collaboration, the exchange between teachers and the promotion of new work groups used for personal development and learning material production.

O5. The improvement of the educational act planning.

O6. The promotion of teaching-learning procedures based on the reals needs of the students.

O7. Lowering dropout, and failure, but promoting inclusion.

O8. The exchange and share of good practices and experiences closely related to the approach based on flipped learning in schools.

After selecting the work team for the project, the linguistic, pedagogical, and cultural preparation followed.

The participation to the learning activity covered, for each participant, the need to acquire competences through practice and innovative methods, and developed English communication skills.

The developed skills have been certified by a participation certificate, issued for each participant.

Trading has been provided by specialists from Istituto Tecnico Economico e Tecnologico “Girolamo Caruso”- Alcamo, Italy. It has been realised professionally and efficiently, with a process adapted to the needs of the trained individuals. Each of the six participants has found useful elements, suited for their own the subject/ curricular area during the learning activity. The implementation period will be next in the teaching process.

In parallel with the class implementation, dissemination will also take place, as well as cascade forming for all the colleagues teaching in our school unit that have not attended the mobility, and also of those that are not part of our unit.

The lesson plans used in class will be uploaded to the platform.

Even though all teachers involved stated that the impact of the training activities has been beyond their expectations, we can also say that the main beneficiaries of the project are, indeed, the students, that now attend more attractive and efficient courses.

Prof. Brătescu Mariana, Bărcănești Technological and Agricultural High school, Prahova County.  

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